1. My name is Melanie.
2. I'm a student at Ohio State University.
3. I'm double majoring in Japanese and French.
4. I love reading - at the time of writing this, I'm currently reading I'll Take You There by Joyce Carol Oates.
5. I love languages in general. I would love to know like, six languages in the future. English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, and German. Nicht wahr?
6. I'm an atheist.
7. Robert Miles is my favorite musical artist.
8. Before I decided to major in languages, I wanted to be an animator.
9. I'm really interested in art, and still do pieces.
10. I love playing Bridge and Hearts, and recently I've been getting into Euchre, since that's what everyone at this college plays.
11. I like Japanese pop music a lot better than American pop music.
12. I swam year-round for about eight years. Thankfully, there's a pool really close to my dorm so I can still do laps.
13. I want to write a tragic novel.
14. I love web design, even though I feel I'm not very good at it compared to the Surfstation.lu crowd.
15. My favorite books are Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead and Jean M. Auel's Clan of the Cave Bear.
16. I have a hard time getting up in the morning - I'm a night owl.
17. I have three roommates.
18. I don't have a best friend.
19. I love the anime/manga Yami no Matsuei.
20. I'm bad at math, science, and history.
21. I'm good at English, foreign languages, and Statistics.
22. I have two sisters, both younger.
23. Bridget is 17, and Shannon is 7.
24. My birthday is October 25th.
25. I play a lot of video games, especially fighting and RPG ones.
26. My favorite video game of all time is Final Fantasy 6 (3 in the U.S.).
27. I really dislike the whole concept of being obsessed with movie stars and singers.
28. I'm a liberal Democrat.
29. My favorite food is rice.
30. Philosophy interests me, especially when it concerns atheism.
31. Psychology also interests me.
32. My dad's a psychiatrist.
33. I worry about him a lot because I think he works way too hard.
34. My mother teaches nursing.
35. She works too hard, too.
36. I don't work hard, so I admire them for that.
37. I'm a lazy person.
38. Partly because I'd rather take things in stride than worry about everything.
39. I sing a lot. Anytime I can get alone, I belt out Mariah Carey. :)
40. There's a place in my old hometown called Coffee Undergound that was my favorite place both to hang out and to be alone and think.
41. I like going to the library just to read about any subject that interests me.
42. I wish there was a way I could just randomly study things - like Nietzshe one day, literary critism of Thomas Hardy the next - instead of having to stick by a rigid schedule.
43. Romantic comedies make me want to commit suicide.
44. The Chinese film Raise the Red Lantern is one of my favorite movies, along with the Polish film Ashes and Diamonds.
45. I really like Ayumi Hamasaki's music.
46. Hikaru Utada's too, though not as much.
47. I stayed in Strasbourg, France, for three weeks.
48. I hate pseudo-intellectual people. Especially pseudo-intellectual Freshmen.
49. I like reading Japanese comics.
50. I can't believe I'm only halfway through...
51. I have 34 books with me at college.
52. Plus thirteen textbooks.
53. My favorite article of clothing is my ripped up pair of Limited jeans.
54. I hate my body.
55. I wish I could lose fifty pounds.
56. Maybe seventy.
57. I buy books a lot faster than I can read them.
58. I buy more books than clothes.
59. I relate to Sarah McLachlan, Jewel, and Sylvia Plath.
60. Music is very important to me.
61. Important events and people in my life are associated with songs and artists.
62. For example, the guy I'm in love with named Devin is associated with Jewel's "Foolish Games" and Etta James' "Fool that I Am".
63. My dad and I are both fans of Etta James.
64. We're also both fans of hockey.
65. Hockey is my favorite sport to watch.
66. Tennis is my second favorite sport to watch, and my favorite to play.
67. I keep in touch with my tennis coach from high school.
68. The only person I sing in front of is my little sister Shannon.
69. I'm training to compete in a triathlon.
70. I love Baz Luhrmann's movies.
71. Though I don't think I can spell his name correctly.
72. Avril Lavigne makes me want to stab myself in the eye.
73. I live right by the Olentangy River. I can see it from my window.
74. I'm interested in photography.
75. When I'm sad or upset, I usually listen to Dave Matthews Band's "#41".
76. My worst triathlon event is running.
77. I hate running.
78. But I do it anyway, because it's the best exercise a person can get.
79. And because my uncle wants me to. :)
80. I want to live France and Japan for at least a year each.
81. If I ever publish a book I want to publish it under a pseudonym so I wouldn't have to be famous.
82. I would never ever want to be famous.
83. I like having my mystery and my privacy. :)
84. I'm a calm, down to earth person.
85. I'm really low-maintenance.
86. I don't like spending money that much.
87. On average, I spend about seventeen dollars a week.
88. I have an odd sense of humor.
89. I love really really corny jokes.
90. Linkin Park and Ace of Base are my two favorite bands.
91. I love trance and techno music.
92. I love going out dancing, though I rarely ever get to do it.
93. I used to have a domain.
94. I went way over with my bandwidth though and I couldn't afford it anymore.
95. I like having a free site better anyway, even though there are ads.
96. I know I said I hated Freshmen, but I'm a Freshman myself.
97. I write poetry a lot
98. I also have a journal that I write in a lot.
99. I've lived in Ohio, North Carolina, and South Carolina.
100. And I'm done!

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