Wish You Cared
My weblog was up before I ever got a main page up, so this came with the debut of the site on October 12th, 2002. This was a really simple layout, and I actually only used Microsoft Paint for it. The characters on the side are Tatsumi, Tsuzuki, and Watari from my favorite anime series, Yami no Matsuei.

Pearly Pink
What a name. Haha. Well, this is the second layout of my weblog, completed November 11th, 2002. I really loved this layout when I made it, but I later wished that I had made the title at the top bigger. Anyway, I thought this was a big improvement over the first layout.

My third weblog layout, finished December 7th, 2002. I saw the yellow stripes in a book, Rob Carter's Digital Color and Type, and this layout was born. I was being pretty experimental when I did this layout, but I loved it enough to put it up.